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Vinyl Sheeting

Achieve the same level of luxury and beauty as offered by expensive floor surfaces such as hardwood, stone, marble or ceramic tiles, through affordable luxury vinyl sheeting. It is hygienic, attractive and easy to clean.

With low-maintenance requirements and an exceptionally easy and quick installation, vinyl sheeting fits every type of decor and space. You can easily attain the warmth of carpets, the hygienic character of laminates and the elegance of tiles with vinyl sheets.

Durable with a high level of scratch, dent and stain resistance, the vinyl sheets can be inscribed with just about any colour or pattern to mimic expensive floor surfaces. Direct installation is possible without having to prepare the floor’s surface. The installation of sub-floor surfaces will minimise the sound of footsteps.

Its applications range from installations in residential homes to commercial spaces, such as doctor’s rooms, retail stores and offices. We offer an extensive range of sheeting to suit your budget, space and application requirements.

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